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Four Games To Look Out For In 2017

We’re well into 2017 now and it’s pretty hard to get your head around the fact that it’s already March. The year going by in the blink of an eye isn’t all bad though as it means we’re getting closer to the release of some of this year’s most highly anticipated games. Below is a short list of four games that I’m most looking forward to.


Whilst Nintendo don’t seem like they’re about to bring back Advance Wars, they have made up for it by mimicking the series with Wargroove. It’s a turn-based strategy game which boasts some brilliant GBA-style sprites.

With an overworld map and battle animations, the aesthetic of Wargroove is pleasingly charming. In a world amassed with dragons, knights, witches and skeleton dogs, you are one of 12 unique commanders and must lead the war over land, sea and air to establish dominance all over the map one space at a time.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a combination of two of Ubisoft’s biggest strengths, open-world sandboxes and Tom Clancy games.

A tactical, squad-based shooting game based in Bolivia, it’s your duty to take the power that cocaine cartel Santa Blanca has wrongly seized.

You will be deployed into the vast deserts, mountain ranges and swaps surrounding Blanca’s operations, along with a fellow team of operatives.

Once you have been deployed, it’s your duty to use stealth assassinations, infighting instigation and guns-blazing assault to defeat the cartel. You can go it alone or team up with online squad mates, whatever option you pick, it’s certain to be an intense playthrough.

Persona 5

After a long wait of nearly ten years, Persona has finally made its way over from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4.

Persona 5 represents a dramatic change in tone for the whole series and is set to arrive in April. The role-playing game is said to be well worth the wait as it follows the lives of high students who possess supernatural powers in a fantasy world.

Whilst Persona 3 and 4 was centered around some teens placed in unusual circumstances whether it be a group of secret paramilitary ghost fighters in the former or Japanese take on Scooby Doo, Persona 5 follows a group of flamboyant young cat burglars.


Virtual Reality is finally upon us and is only set to become bigger and bigger.

Essence is finally arriving this month after being pushed back from October but like Persona 5, it’s well worth the wait.

The game will be compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSVR and the developers have said it’s definitely lived up to their expectations.

The game is a sort of throwback to mythical and epic adventures such as Myst, The Last Guardian and Fable. You’ll spend a large part of the game strolling through colored dust generated by the ancient trees and gazing up at the huge sparkling monoliths. It’s your job to solve the puzzles to find out the secrets of a forgotten past.

Whilst Virtual Reality is taking the gaming world by storm, it’s also taking the gambling world by storm with all the newest bingo sites and online casino operators looking to end the mundane ambience of the run-of-the mill websites by using VR to bring a sense of adventure to casino games.

Social gambling will soon be the cornerstone of the gaming world under VR’s watchful eye as it opens a new layer of player interactivity.

SlotsMillion have given an indication of just how fascinating the virtual casino and bingo experience will be.

In just three years’ time, it is forecast that revenue from VR in the gaming sector will be an astronomical $162 billion, 32.4 times the initial $5 billion figure. There is huge potential for VR and gambling and both bingo and casino fanatics are set for a much-improved experience, an experience that is completely unprecedented.