The Four: Battle For Stardom is Coming to FOX on January 4th

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The Four: Battle For Stardom is just around the corner and in honor of the celebration, check out the new key art.

Diddy and DJ Khaled join a panel of judges for FOX’s new singing competition. With pop sensation, Fergie as the host, this show begins where all the others left-off: With the best’ *Khaled voice.*

Four top-notch singers, spanning all music genres, will fight each week to defend their coveted seats on the show, as determined newcomers challenge them and try to knock them out of the competition. ‘They don’t want you to be the last one standing’ *Khaled voice, again.

The singer who makes it to the end will earn the ultimate prize: the panel of industry experts becoming key players his/her team. Diddy, Khaled and the other elite group of star-makers will guide the winner’s career to help make a breakout star.

Check out the premiere on Thursday, January 4, 2018 on FOX.

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