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The Koalition x Gazillion | Meet the QA Team

Chris Ohanesian
Chris Ohanesian – © Tatjana Vejnovic


Chris Ohanesian, QA Tester

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Chris started off playing it safe – taking courses at a local community college, working whatever jobs he could get. Deep down, his dream was to go to art school, but his friends and family consistently discouraged him from doing so, saying it wasn’t a career he could make a living out of. Eventually, Chris chased his dreams, yearning for a career in concept art. He finished school at the Academy of Art (for those of you who are unaware, completing art school is a serious accomplishment and incredibly challenging), but wanted to get into the industry starting in an entry-level position. He felt this way he would get a true feel of where he fits, and where he eventually wants to go. Just seven months ago, Chris got hired at Gazillion and is able to do just that.

I’m glad I’m working for a company that lets me mingle with all these other departments and get a feel for it, and not with a company where I’m fenced off and unable to see what else there is.” Chris admits he wasn’t sure what to expect from the culture at Gazillion, but is glad he was wrong. Gazillion pushes an open door structure that encourages you to talk to people in other departments and learn. When Chris isn’t testing, he’s doing other things to help the game run smoothly – he likes to look at the small details by proofreading dialog and looking for typos. He looks forward to learning more about the industry, and is willing to go into any position Gazillion feels suits him best.

Chris advises people who want to get into testing to do their homework. “I did [look up] everything I possibly could know about QA testing from what Google told me. I was searching for what questions QA testers are asked [in their interviews], and what questions anyone asked for any interview. Will had a couple of technical questions, but because of the research I did, I was very confident in myself. I really wanted the job so I applied myself and did what I could. I don’t know anyone in this industry, so I thought I was at a disadvantage. It was a combination of being prepared, being lucky and being as nice as I can.”