Build or BOOM Review – When Playtime Gets Explosive

If you and your children love a good o’ fashion racing game then Build or BOOM is the game for you. Players select a card of a building blueprint and see if they can build it the fastest. But that’s not all the game offers; it’s called BOOM for a reason. The player that builds their structure the fastest gets to basically destroy their competitors structure by blowing up their building. If the person who finishes first is able to match the blueprint, they will receive 1 point. The person who is able to get 10 points, wins the game.

A visually bland game, Build or BOOM relies completely on imagination. While children will have no problem tapping into their inner creativity. The game contains a total 30 constructions cards to work on. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from and each player have 20 blocks and a boomer platform to use. Gameplay is rather smooth but for those who are younger, they may take more time learning how to balance the various pieces.

The beauty about this game is that it’s so enjoyable and is perfect to use as a teaching tool for children learning how to developed their cognitive skills by match shapes, working on their speed and simply how to pay attention.

There is one drawback of the game and that is the fact it’s only a two-player. This would have been perfect for the entire family, However, what I found best is to work in teams for true competitiveness or even ditching the cards and build whatever you want. Playing with children, you’ll find out that sometimes the best rules are no rules at all. Countless hours can be spent just building whatever comes to mind.

Build or BOOM is exciting and definitely worthy of the family. Filled with various complexities, there’s enough gameplay to make everyone happy.