A Whole New World: An Interview with MARS’ Anamaria Marinca

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What would you do if you could leave all your troubles behind and escape from it all? Not just leave a situation or mentally checkout, but what if you could literally go to another planet? The talk of traveling to Mars has been a hot topic among scientists for decades. While we’ve studied Mars, no one has really left it all behind to start life on a new planet.

In season one of National Geographic’s MARS, the idea of travelling to the red planet was not only questioned but attempted. In season two, five years has passed after the successful mission that saw several scientists colonizing Mars and procreating (which has its own set of complications).

Produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, the series continues to weaves together the fictional stories of the Daedalus crew living on Mars with interviews from real-life scientists and Big Thinkers (like Elon Musk), creating a grounded fantasy experience for its viewers.

Returning to season two is actress Anamaria Marinca who plays Russian geologist and xenobiologist, Marta Kamen. Having a larger role this season, she becomes the heart and the voice of reason on Mars. Unfortunately, not everything is going smoothly as she’s locked in a constant battle with those who want to exploit the planet’s resources for personal gains (just like life on Earth!).

The Koalition spoke with Marinca about the new challenges her characters faces, how working on MARS has affected her life and more.

Check out our interview below.

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