Gifts That Will Impress The Nintendo Gamer In Your Life

Several great Nintendo gifts worth picking up.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re prepping for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or special holiday, this list of Nintendo-themed gifts will help you find the perfect present for the gamer in your life. From consoles and accessories to games and skins, there’s a gift for every kind of Nintendo fan on your list.

The SNES Classic Mini

Nostalgic gaming is a massive trend, and why wouldn’t it be when the SNES Classic Mini makes it so easy to recreate your childhood. Like Pokémon Go before it, the Classic Mini is riding the wave of retro gaming — delivering a pint-sized version of its original gaming system first released in the 90s. It’s not just smaller than the original console. The Classic Mini holds more games in its hard drive than the original’s singular cartridge. All the old faces from the good old days return in all their SNES glory, including Super Mario, Donkey Kong, as well as the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

The SN30 Pro Controller

If nostalgia is their middle name, then they can embrace that feeling even when they’re playing a new console. The SN30 is the perfect mixture of old and new: it has the same basic look of the traditional SNES controller but with the addition of two full-sized analogue sticks. These Bluetooth controls can synch with any other device that’s Bluetooth-enabled, including their Switch, smartphone, or laptop.

Unique Switch decals

Available in neon colors or plain black, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t give its player a lot of room for customization. There’s an opportunity in Nintendo’s failure. You can help your gamer cover up the Switch’s natural color with a Switch decal. They’re available in solid jewel tones or premium textures that convert the boring Switch into a unique gadget. Before designing the perfect decal for your gamer, make sure you shop for Switch skin from dbrand. Some manufacturers don’t take the care Switch decals need. The same can’t be said for the folks at dbrand, who spent a year in development with 3M to create 100% safe Nintendo Switch skins. In that time they created an adhesive that won’t damage the Switch’s console, dock, or Joy-Con, so your gamer wants to update their Switch skin without damaging their system.

Switch Play Stand

First advertised as portable and adaptable 2-in-1 console, the Switch performs to expectations. Players can throw it in a bag to take on their commute. They can split the Joy-Con and play with a friend. They can throw up the display to a larger screen. The only thing they can’t do is charge the console while it’s in tabletop mode. Luckily the small design glitch is easily fixed with the Play Stand accessory. It props the console up in a way that makes it’s possible to recharge its juice without pausing the game.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Pre-Order

Nintendo revealed its plans to release Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch three weeks before Christmas. The announcement came during the company’s keynote at E3 2018, at which time they showed about 5 minutes’ worth of gameplay in a demo. Though the holidays seem forever away, they’ll be here before you know it. You better get your pre-order in soon because this game is guaranteed to fly off the shelves.

Nintendo Amiibo

Amiibos are a small figurine of popular Nintendo characters, making them ideal for any gamer who likes to collect memorabilia in addition to the games in their library. On the surface, they look like any cute figurine sitting on a collector’s shelf. Dig a little a deeper, and you’ll find out that the figurines unlock hidden content and functions in games. While they aren’t necessary to finish any title, Amiibo figures are a cool bonus to their favorite game. Using NFC (or Near Field Chip) tech — the same tech that powers your digital payment method of choice — it interacts with their console wirelessly to unlock new adventures, level up characters, and other perks.

Whether it’s a cute Amiibo, a customized Switch skin, or a nostalgic nod to their childhood, these gifts are guaranteed to please the Nintendo fan. Keep them in mind the next time you want to spoil the gamer in your life.

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