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Landing Your Dream Role: An Interview with Trial & Error’s Amanda Payton

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Life for Amanda Payton couldn’t be better. Imagine sitting at home watching your favorite show and months later you’re finding yourself on the set of the show you love watching, sharing scenes with the people you’ve always admired. This is what occurred when Payton joined the cast of NBC’s Trial & Error second season.

Titled “The Suitcase,” Payton plays Nina Rudolph, a podcaster from New York who moves to the town of East Peck. Her podcast, “M Town,” centers around the season’s new convicted murderer Lavinia Peck-Foster played by Kristin Chenoweth. Loosely based off of real-life investigative journalism podcasts S-Town and Serial, Payton is “one of the few characters who can see the absurdity of the town.”

Airing on July 19th, the actress on the legal mockumentary is currently having a blast and dived head-first into the character she found close to her heart. A massive fan of podcasts (including S-Town and Serial), she was elated to discover her research would require her to re-listen to all her favorites and re-watch the first season of Trial & Error which she was already a big fan of the show.

The Koalition spoke to Payton to talk all things Trial & Error, her career and what she has planned next.

Check out our interview below.

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