OneLogin Solution For Solving Overly Completed Software Management Systems

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OneLogin is a company that specializes in developing software that offers centralized access for all mobile applications. Today, large corporations manage several different data files stored at multiple data centers. Interdependent access management tools force companies to handle each electronic device and corresponding network separately. This method is doomed with higher management costs and inefficient data collection.

OneLogin has engineered a Unified Access Management System to help customers manage their SaaS and on-premises applications in one window. Thier software solution can help everyone sharing this product with multiple friends, family members, or coworkers get access to all apps and data they need at any time of the day.

Take advantage of their simplistic, yet secure single sign-on solution (SSO). Sign in with one secure password, and you get access to information hidden behind the firewall. The times of forgotten usernames and passwords for all of your accounts is coming to a close. SSO software provided by OneLogin helps improve workplace efficiency and keep the most important company data secure.

There are two manufacturing challenges that manufacturers who are operating in the United States and Canda have to try and solve every year.

1st challenge: Decide which role each person is assigned and who gets a Single sign-on login.

2nd challenge: Find and implement a better privacy solution to account for the security risks that come with inviting more users to work on your assigned tasks.

Consider these four thoughts when developing a universal access management solution.

1) Company partners are working from different parts of the world

Many large corporations have multiple supply chain partners in different countries and vendors with a diverse employment group. Without the proper management solution, it is hard to assign Single sign-on credentials correctly.

As the number of third-party users continues to grow, manufacturers must develop a unified access management system to assign app permissions appropriately and plan for potential security breaches.

2) Why not create a management software that is easy to use and encrypted?

In most cases, application usability and security protections are equally important. The best user access management systems are built with an interface that people from different countries can easily comprehend. Alson, they are protected by a secure password. Weak login credentials and compromised user accounts are two common reasons for data breaches.

3) Manufacturers are at a great risk of cyber attacks.

Each manufacturing location holds a collection of sensitive data that can include business plans, employee financial information, system blueprints, and other legal documents. Most of all are primary targets for cyber attackers. A single data breach at a large manufacturing facility can cost the company roughly a half of million dollars. Multifactor authentication technology (MFA) is another security blanket that can prevent unauthorized users to get their hands on valuable data.

4) Compare and contrast the negatives of all pricing models for regular identity management

Conventional identity management pricing models can be expensive. Third-party application users often forget their login credentials. The password retrieval process not only delays product production efforts but slows down the amount of time it takes for the IT department to send out new credentials. A universal login and assigned app permissions can save manufacturers tens of thousands of dollars each year.

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