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Send Your Questions for Dana Abercrombie | #AskTK

#AskTK is finally making its return. The show is all about giving our audience the chance to ask The Koalition staff tough questions that are rarely addressed on our other shows. Dana Abercrombie is our Entertainment Editor and Media Liaison and like the rest of the staff, she also loves video games.

Feel free to ask Dana anything ranging from movies, books, TV shows, video games, wrestling and also anything regarding her own personal history in the industry. Please note that any inappropriate questions will be removed and ignored.

To submit your question(s) just fill in the form below. We will allow two questions per-person.

This AskTK episode will release exclusively on Patreon first. It will then appear on our YouTube page and on this website a week after being recorded.

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Special Thanks: M. Collins, Sean Gority, Steven Fearon, Mauricio Aguilar, himdeel, Fergus Mills, Miguel, Antonio Rogers

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