Space Truckin’ – An Interview with First Man’s Author and Co-Producer James R. Hansen

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It takes a lot to put a movie together, especially one as intricate as recreating Neil Armstrong’s mission to the moon. First Man, tackles not only the historic journey but the man who first made that one small step. Filled with awe-inspiring visuals, heartbreaking stories and an exhilarating score, First Man is science lover’s dream, a scientist’s passion, a man’s strength and the power of fulfilling a president’s dream.

While film production started in 2015, when  Damien Chazelle, signed on as director, the journey of First Man originally started in 1999, when Academic and author James R. Hansen first wrote to Armstrong asking if he could author his biography. What resulted was an over 50,000 pages of research focusing on Armstrong’s life and career and friendship that lasted well past Armstrong’s death.

Hansen who co-produced the film version of his almost 800-page book also assisted Ryan Gosling in becoming Armstrong; the quiet genius and family man.

Dana Abercrombie from The Koalition spoke with Hansen about his friendship with Armstrong, his transition from author to film producer, the future of science, the “not-so-crazy idea” of Donald Trump’s Space Force and more.

First Man will release in theaters on October 12th.

Check out the interview below.

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