The Endless Arcade Gameplays of Crossy Road

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We’ve all told some variation of the joke that starts with, “why did the chicken cross the road?” In Crossy Road, the answer IS to get to the other side, but that other side is situated across lanes of traffic, train tracks, and rushing rivers. Yikes!

Did we mention the roads are endless? Yep, in an all-arcade style that has you hopping in front of trucks, diving in front of trains, and leaping across rickety, floating logs.

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Care for a bit of history? You may have recognized the Crossy Road name from a mobile app, originally developed and released by Hipster Whale in 2014. This app boomed in popularity, becoming a viral hit around the world. This game has been compared to the likes of arcade Frogger, with its endless levels, multitude of colorful, fast-paced challenges, and untimely demises.

In the last 4 years, the game has become available across multiple platforms, but one of the safest, most secures ways to play Crossy Road is on Poki.

Crossy Road: The Objective, Obstacles, and Challenges

Crossy Road is, outwardly, a simple game. You simply guide your chicken across the roads, avoid fast-paced obstacles, and collect coins and points. It SOUNDS easy. The challenges come from having to calculate your moves and race against a landscape that steadily urges you forward.

The game objective is to see how far you can make it before your chicken succumbs to the challenges of quick-moving environments. When you die, you have to start over. But this allows you to rack up a higher score with every new road, track, and river you pass. Think of it as a new beginning.

Note: Coins that you collect during continuous gameplay will roll over from one try to the next.

As for controls, you can use your SPACEBAR and ARROW KEYS to play Crossy Road. The UP key moves your character forwards, the DOWN key moves your character backwards, and the RIGHT and LEFT keys move your character from one side to the other. The SPACEBAR is what you use to start the game or spin the prize machine to collect your winnings.

Can You Collect Coins or Points to Better Your Gaming Experience?

As you move your chicken, or other playable character, from one road or river to the next, you can gather scattered coins for extra points towards the prize machine. When you get 100 coins, or more, you can spin the prize machine for a chance to win a new, playable character, like a slick, slimy, and super-quick snail, or a rusty, kinda-indestructible robot.

The new characters each have their own specialties, abilities, and paces. Sometimes a new character can be more difficult to master than the others, but you can switch between characters with the chicken icon at the bottom left of the game screen.

Each hop forward adds another point to your score. Ergo, if you hop 100 steps, you get 100 points. These points go towards your ultimate high score, but they reset when you die. You can also accumulate free gifts, which are usually coins, after every death.

Is Crossy Road Fun for All Ages?

Simple to control? Check. Fun to play for hours at a time? Check. Relaxing AND challenging, but in the best way? Check and check. So, yes—absolutely, this game is totally fun and super-cool for all ages. Players will love giggling at the demise of a curious chicken, while adults will get a kick out of being cool, calm, calculated, and accomplished. It’s a win-win.

Additionally, while most games have outward educational value, Crossy Road has an interior educational value that you don’t realize until you’re already learning from it. One minute you’re trudging across the roads, hoping to avoid oncoming trains and cars. The next you’re hopping effortlessly over logs, reveling in how good you’ve gotten at keeping your chicken alive.

How This Game Could End Your Day on a High Note

Sometimes life gets away from us. We become too wrapped up in the goings-on of work, school, and everyday drama. However, Crossy Road is a relaxing and fun game that allows you to focus on something other than work or real-world dilemmas. In other words, you could end your day on a high note with a half-hour, or more, of Crossy Road gameplay.

Rack up points, improve upon your high score, and let the game take you to a fantasy world of road-hopping chickens, shiny coins, and unlockable, playable characters. What does all of this accomplish? A happier you, of course.

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