Amit Raizada, Team Echo Fox Continues To Lead In Esports Industry

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Amit Raizada, a well-known investor, known mostly as the CEO and founder of Spectrum Business Ventures, continues to see success with the growth of Esports company. The franchise, founded by former NBA player Rick Fox named Team Echo Fox, counts on Raizada as one of the company’s most prominent investors, and together they have grown a small franchise into one of the strongest in Esports and have been integral in helping businesses grow thanks to his excellent business acumen.

Since 2015, Echo Fox has built up its reputation in Esports. Fox originally founded the franchise when he bought the available League of Legends Championship Series spot from Gravity Gaming. Jumping on that opportunity, that $1 million investment quickly turned into a smart one, especially after receiving backing from not only Raizada of Spectrum Business Ventures but the New York Yankees.

In games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, Gears of War 4, Street Fight V, Super Smash Bros. and more, the franchise has been extremely competitive at the highest levels. The organization focuses on a few games at a time, building up a roster of players who bring a unique skill set to the list.  Competition activities allow teams to compete for titles in various professional tournaments around the globe.

Echo Fox announced their arrival on the fighting game scene in 2017 when they made one of the biggest signings in Esports history. They signed a total of seven players at one time to enter the fighting game community, including Justin Wong and Yusuke Momochi. The team went from largely unknown to an instant force with a newly formed super team.

Raizada and Team Echo Fox see the franchise in a very strong position right now. With an established franchise, the focus in the next year is to make key acquisitions when players become available. There is also a new focus on scouting and recruiting younger players as they move up the ranks. Thanks to the strong investments made by Spectrum Business Ventures and others, the team is in an excellent place financially to compete against the rest of the competition.

For Raizada, Echo Fox is one of several key investments Spectrum Business Ventures has made since being founded in 2002. With investments in hospitality, finance, real estate, technology, and energy businesses, venturing into Esports did not come without risk. Citing the growing popularity of Esports around the globe, he became eager to join forces with Fox and his team. Now Raizada is moving on and working on other investments in the field after finding great success with the VVP venture.

Despite success early on, Esports is still growing. As the sport becomes more mainstream, Team Echo Fox expects to be right there as one of the premier franchises in the world. Others prominent players involved in the Esports world is Stratton Sclavos and Rick Fox.

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