Check Out the Trailer and Screening Dates for the Independent Comedy Rent Due

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It’s the first of the month and your rent is due. While for many of us, this expense is just another inconvenience of being adult but for Top and Reggie, this is a catastrophe worthy of just another epic failures of his day.

RENT DUE tells the story of what happens when two cousins find themselves short on paying their rent. Reggie (Ray Jr.) lost his girlfriend, job and home all in the same day while his cousin Top (William Dobbs) he was robbed of his rent money after a wild night with strippers. The two must put their heads together to come up with the rent money without ending up in jail in the process. A Ray Jr project, the film is directed by Mike Berry and executive produced by Ant Wilson.

This summer, support your support for this all-new independent comedy film starring B. Simone, Shiggy, Ha Ha Davis, Machine Gun Kelly, Watch Jazzy and more at one of the exclusive screenings in three major markets: Cleveland (8/11), Los Angeles (8/14) and Atlanta (8/18.) Tickets are available online at

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