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We just saw an eSports event of Epic proportions.

The Fortnite World Cup has been completed. The best betting sites had Tfue and Stompy as the favorites to win the solos, but it Bugha who took home the 3 million dollar prize!

Bugha, just 16- years-old took home the 3 million dollars first prize. So, how you like me now, grandpa? That’s more money than many people earn in their entire lifetime, and teenager just made all that cash playing a video game. Speaking of teenagers winning gobs of money playing Fortnite. The runner-up, ‘Wolfiez,’ or known by his mom as Jaden Ashman, is just 15 years old. He took home 1.25 million dollars! Can we finally accept that video games are not a complete and total waste of time? His mother had previously thrown away his Xbox in an attempt to make him more studious. Now, he’s one million GBR Pounds richer! He reportedly started playing Fortnite when it was released two years ago and grinds for about eight hours a day.

On top of this, Wolfiez led his duos team to victory using a controller! Insert mind-blown emoji here, please! He’s been getting shoutouts all over Reddit and Twitter from other controller players, legitimizing the use of a handheld controller in tournaments.  That said, who else has ever done this? Pretty much no one in the modern era of gaming, so Wolfiez is a diamond in the rough. 

What About Tfue?

You can’t win them all. Just ask Tfue. There was a lot of hype surrounding his Fortnite World Cup appearance in NY. After all, he was the favorite to win it all. But the gaming media is calling his performance ‘disappointing,’ ‘sub-par,’ and poor.’ Oh well, one of the top players in the world had a bad day? So, what he blasted through the qualifying rounds and was the favorite out of the 100 best Fortnite players in the world. I mean, come on … we are talking about the 100 players that waded through 40 million eSports enthusiast that tried to qualify. And Tfue’s play up until the day of the Solos tournament was absolutely incredible. So come on, gaming community, give the guy a break

I read on Dextero that he was “pretty below average” … well, that sentence is pretty below average –and you probably shouldn’t be writing articles if that is the best you can do. Ok. yes, Tfue came in 67th place, which was much lower than we expected. But as I already stated, everyone is entitled to have a bad day. Even Michael Jordan had games where he would come out flat and cold. One bad showing doesn’t take away all that Turner Tenney has accomplished in recent history.

Look at it this way, Ninja didn’t even qualify. Although, he did promise to make the cut next year. So, we should expect some serious grinding out of both of these high-profile gamers. The bar has obviously been raised a couple of notches. Ninja even recognized his lack of grinding in a July 28th Tweet, “I didn’t put the full time or effort to be on that stage the last two days. I promise I’ll be there next year.”

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