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The Power of Positivity – An Interview with Legends of Tomorrow’s Adam Tsekhman

Actor Adam Tsekhman is one of Hollywood’s hardest working actors for a reason. From his undeniable charm to his ease of morphing into vastly different characters, it’s easy to see why directors, writers and fans love him. It also doesn’t hurt that one of his most standout qualities is his level of positivity.

However it’s his role as the uncoordinated, neurotic Gary Green, a government agent who works for The Time Bureau on the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow that helped solidify his career and causes fans to root for an average man in love with a grumpy superhero (Constantine).

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Proving he’s not a one trick phony, as a writer, Tsekhman is developing a number of comedies, including a new version of Americanistan, a comedy about a group of Western reporters who take on the Middle East, where Tsekhman plays Sheikh Al-Salah, the dictator of a fictional country.

The Koalition spoke to Tsekhman about his role in Legends of Tomorrow, his darker roles as Yuri Petrov, an Azerbaijani oil billionaire in Six, his role in Behzad, a bulletproof car salesman in the upcoming action feature Dragged Across Concrete, starring Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson.

Check out our interview below.

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