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Unraveling a Mystery: An Interview with Emergence’s Allison Tolman and Alexa Swinton

I have a secret, I love TV shows shrouded in mystery featuring children who are way too intelligent for adults and adults who will do anything to protect a child. This is why I love ABC’s Emergence, a thriller that’s filled with mystery, drama, entertaining writing and gripping acting. Each episode of Emergence couldn’t keep me away from forming theories in my head.

For those who haven’t seen Emergence (go binge now!) it follows the story of a mysterious girl found near the site of a plane crash by local sheriff Jo Evans, played by Allison Tolman. Jo takes the girl in after discovering that Piper (whom she names) can’t remember anything about where she came from or who she is. Soon however, strange things begin to happen that seem unexplained and sinister forces are after the sheriff’s new house guest.

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In two episodes, ABC has created a fresh story that has more questions than answers; but this will not be the case for long. Unlike other shows that’ll drag its unsolved mysteries through an entire season, episode three of Emergence (which is airing tonight) will answer its most talked about mystery: who is Piper (Alexa Swinton)?

While this is an evenly balanced ensemble, at the heart of the show is the relationship between  Piper and Jo who quickly take on a mother/daughter-like relationship with an instant bond. Jo is determined to protect Piper no mater what, even hiding her from an entire agency who is determined to find Piper no matter what. While Piper struggles to remember who she is (or maybe she already knows), she exhibits special abilities that she uses to keep her newfound family safe.

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At NYCC, The Koalition spoke to Swinton and Tolman about their close protective bond, the explosive third episode, how they tackle a drama and more.

Emergence airs Tuesdays 10/9 Central on ABC.

Check out our interview below.