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It’s More Than Chemistry – An Interview with NCIS’ Diona Reasonover

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Diona Reasonover is more than an actress, she’s a multi-talented writer, a powerhouse performer that’s determined to bring out the best in every character she plays. Reasonover broke into the comedy business with roles in 2 Broke Girls, Superstore and more. She’s also an accomplished writer, on the Emmy-nominated I Love You, America, I Love Dick, Adam Ruins Everything, and the 32nd Film Independent Spirit Awards; showing off her passion for comedy.

In 2018 she replaced Pauley Perrette as the lead forensic scientist on the CBS hit NCIS, introducing viewers to Kasie Hines. Slowing settling to the role, Reasonover, has won over the hearts of fans with her clever one liners and effortless scene-stealing presence, proving she’s an integral part of the team.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kim Newmoney HAIR: Kachay Dorsey MAKE-UP: Anton Khachaturian STYLING: Lauren Frost

Stepping away from the lab, fans watched as Reasonover went from helping to solve crimes to having her own full and emotional story arc, with actions that shocked both viewers and Reasonover. On November 5th’s “Institutionalized” episode, a petty officer’s son is found murdered at his “welcome home from prison” party but the evidence suggests Hines lifelong best friend, Dante Brown (Devale Ellis) is the suspect. Determined to clear her friend, Hines become invested in the case as she searches for answers that could forever change her life and the case.

No longer in control, Hines is vulnerable and immediately sticks up for her friend which results in her clashing with the team, putting her in a tough position of trusting her teams but also trusting her friend. Despite her commitment to her team, what if they’re wrong?

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kim Newmoney HAIR: Kachay Dorsey MAKE-UP: Anton Khachaturian STYLING: Lauren Frost

The Koalition spoke to Reasonover about her arc, the mindset of Hines, how playing Hines has impacted her life and more about NCIS.

Reasonover can next be seen starring opposite Chris D’Elia, Rachael Leigh Cook, Will Sasso, and Sara Rue in the indie comedy Film Fest.

NCIS airs Tuesdays on CBS.

Check out our interview below.

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