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Motherly Instincts – An Interview With Greenland’s Morena Baccarin

In the action-packed disaster-thriller ​Greenland​, a family fights for survival in the face of an extinction-level event. A comet hurtling toward Earth was supposed to provide nothing more than the fireworks display of a lifetime. But the comet is soon revealed to be a planet killer that threatens billions across the globe.

John Garrity (Gerard Butler), his estranged wife Allison (Morena Baccarin), and young son Nathan are among the very few to be selected for air transport to a top secret safe haven, only to see their good fortune go horribly wrong when they’re separated minutes before takeoff.

In this gripping and thrilling rollercoaster ride, Greenland i​s at its core about the coming together of family during an emotional and perilous journey through uncharted territory. Even as an entire planet faces an inconceivable threat, John Garrity is resolute in keeping his wife and young son safe. The film’s mix of intimate familial drama and catastrophic spectacle is as unexpected as it is captivating. The odyssey of the Garrity family resonates and makes the chaos enveloping them be all the more plausible.

Greenland (2020)

The Koalition spoke to Morena about Allison’s journey, what separates Greenland from other disaster films and more.

Morena explains when was presented with the script, she was “expecting a traditional action movie, but instead it was about a real couple with relatable problems. My character, Allison, was just as involved as her husband in bringing the family back together, and navigating the incredible circumstances around them.”

As Allison, who in the course of their journey discovers his inner strength and heart, as well as her own is the perfect Allison. Bringing authenticity to her roles, the chemistry between Morena and Gerard is undeniable and easily carries the journey, the action, and the scope, along with the vulnerability needed for the movie.

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“There wasn’t a lot of rehearsing, and I love that because it makes it all feel very human, and it’s very frantic, and it’s just what it would feel like if you were actually in the face of a disaster.”

She notes Waugh helped her explore Allison’s strong emotions. “He’s great at sussing that out,” she elaborates. “When we got a scene that was very emotionally important and that propelled the story and the connection to the audience, he’s the first to say, ‘Okay, this scene, we really need to hit these moments. This is what it’s about, and we’ll talk it through.’

Every disaster movie and thriller requires a formidable antagonist, which can take the form of a human, beast, supernatural being, or a force of nature. Whatever the incarnation, the villain often has massive dimensions – and it doesn’t get more monstrous than the planet-killing comet, called “Clark,” which is racing toward Earth.

Greenland (2020)

However, while this is a disaster movie, all the stunts on-screen come off as very practical, grounding the movie in realism.

She continues. “As far as the stunts go, I think Ric is wonderful at that aspect of it. But he’s also great at just knowing the beats that need to be hit emotionally.”

To learn more about Greenland and Morena’s approach to the character, check out our full interview below.

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