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Playing The Long Game With Your Honor’s Andrene Ward-Hammond

An asthma attack. A hit-and-run. A judge. A lie that destroys the lives of multiple families. Showtime’s Your Honor is about the rippling effects of one incident, the power of privilege, opportunity and getting in over your head.

Against the backdrop of New Orleans where years after Hurricane Katrina, FEMA markings are still left on the doors of those affected. While Cranston and Doohan display volatile and emotional actions, Andrene Ward-Hammond as Big Mo is quiet, calculating and a complete mystery.

In a show where the louder you roar, the scarier you seem, Andrene Ward-Hammond speaks carefully with purpose and battles just as hard as the rest of them. As the leader of Desire, she enters the world of Eugene Jones (Benjamin Flores Jr), Kofi’s younger brother.

In Your Honor, it takes a certain type of actress to stand out against Bryan Cranston, Hope Davis and Michael Stuhlbarg, and Andrene Ward-Hammond rises to the occasion as Big Mo.

Photo credit: Wesley Volcy

The Koalition spoke to Andrene Ward-Hammond about Big Mo’s mindset, diving deeper into the long game and more.

“It’s always a mystic about all the characters and I love that her in particular as a powerful black woman, you know that whole saying ‘black girl magic,’ it’s real power behind that and we all have to play the chess game of life and I don’t think it’s incredibly difficult to sit back watch pretty much how we operate. I think that’s what Big Mo is, that’s all what she embodies, and the situation is so detrimental to how everything plays out after. So I like the mystic behind her, I like playing quiet to see how the others react to her because nobody knows what’s coming, and I want you to not know what’s coming. All that’s made outside of me, so all I’m doing is just throwing a wild card in by just telling the truth. But what happens after you tell the truth? Let the cards fall where they may. I feel like the quiet game, the long game can happen.”

Check out our full interview below.

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