Which Are The Most Popular Mobile Apps?

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Mobile apps have become the most used pieces of software in the world. Mobile devices have changed from the very basic and easy to use pieces of equipment that they were originally, now they give players the chance to enjoy everything from video streaming to online sweepstakes games. This is something that is unlikely to change in the near future as the quality of mobile apps improves. So, in no particular order here are the genres of apps that are the most popular at the moment.

Streaming apps

Streaming apps are quite a wide and varied range of apps. They can cover anything from the YouTube app to a mobile browser. They basically give users the ability to stream media. There are a number of different kinds of media available to users in the modern world. Without a doubt the most popular at the moment is podcasts. Streaming apps that can give users the opportunity to stream their favorite type of media are increasing in popularity by the day. This is likely to continue as more people discover that they can watch or listen to content using their mobile devices.

Social media and messaging

This is quite possibly the most popular genre there is. Purely because the main reason that some individuals own mobile devices is to keep in touch with other people. Everything from Twitter to WhatsApp is covered by this genre and every single mobile device in the world comes with some form of messaging app preloaded onto it. This allows people to instantly keep in touch, even if it is through the seldom-used SMS messaging.

As social media becomes a more important part of people’s lives it is quite obvious that over time the use of social media apps will increase. A lot of mobile devices come with Facebook and Messenger already installed when they are purchased which means that people have instant access to the service and can use their phone number in order to sign up. This makes them significantly more popular as people no longer have to use their laptop or computer in order to use Facebook. The use of social media is likely to continue increasing on mobile devices making this a surefire contender to stay in place as the most popular genre.

Service apps

More and more services are now offered through mobile devices. This includes everything from ordering a cab to ordering food. No matter what you want, you can get it through your mobile device. It is mainly the simplicity that makes this such an important app for people: The ability to order a cab without talking to anyone or being specific about the food you want to order without having to explain it to someone who is unable to hear you properly because of the banging from the kitchen. Service apps are some of the most useful, especially for people who are unable to get out of the house.

They are also popping up a lot more. More companies are realizing that offering their services through an app can increase business significantly. Because the app also carries out a lot of the work in terms of processing orders it also reduces costs. That is why these are some of the most popular apps on the market at the moment.


Games are probably where the real popularity of apps began. When some mobile devices were shipped with games built-in, it gave people the impetus to start playing games on their mobiles. This prompted companies to begin developing more complex games. This, in turn, led to the market splitting into two distinct areas – free to play games and games that involve real money. Free to play games can also be mixed into the real money category as some offer micro-transactions that speed up the progress for players.

The free to play games tend to be typical video games that allow players to attempt to complete certain goals. The only reward on offer here is the satisfaction of winning. Games that involve real money are more likely to be apps based around casino games or other gambling types. This will then allow the player to stake their own money and potentially win some money back. Both types of games are incredibly popular with a large number of people using their mobile devices to play games every single day. As mobile devices become more powerful, the standard of games is likely to keep improving.

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