Is Slingo the Ideal Entry Game for Players Who Want to Experience the Growing Bingo Industry?

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It’s getting harder to ignore the growing craze of online bingo, which is now worth more than $1 billion. The digitalized version of the famous game has introduced new concepts and ways of playing, and this has opened it up to a larger audience that continues to swell. For players who are looking to get involved with this trend, Slingo represents the perfect entry game to start enjoying bingo themes.

What is Slingo?

One of the most innovative moves of the online bingo industry was when operators introduced Slingo games to their libraries. Slingo bingo games combine elements of slots and bingo, in an exciting twist on the traditional way of playing. Just like with slots, the games come in a variety of themes to appeal to different players. But they still reflect the essence of bingo in that players have scorecards and must eliminate numbers to win.

Slingo was originally created for handheld devices like the Nintendo Game Boy, but more recently it has been rebranded and enhanced. Now it is used as a method of bringing slots players into bingo. After all, slots are the most popular games at online casinos, an industry that bingo is aiming to replicate. But now with the incredible diversity available, Slingo could tap into players who enjoy other branches of the gaming industry as well.

Slingo Genres Could Appeal to Console Players

Slingo developers are trying to create games that allure console players, and there are numerous epic themes on offer. Slingo Lightning, for example, is an exciting offering that takes inspiration from Greek mythology and Zeus. Slingo Berserk uses Norse mythology as its theme, and features Viking folklore within it. Both titles would appeal to players who enjoy offerings like God of War from Santa Monica Studio and the Assassin’s Creed series from Ubisoft.

Then there are titles like Slingo Centurion, which are designed to tap into players who can’t get enough of Roman-themed titles. Anyone who has played Shadow of Rome or Colosseum: Road to Freedom would find themselves drawn to a title like this. What’s obvious is that operators and developers in the bingo industry have realized that they need to provide games that are attractive to as many people as possible. This suggests that new, even more inventive options could come about in the future.

Will Slingo Tempt Players to Other Bingo Options?

One of the reasons for offering Slingo games at bingo sites is so that more players’ interests are catered for. But the secondary function is to bring people to the site and then tempt them to try out some of the other games available. This is why so many people of all ages are now getting into bingo, because they’ve found bingo-themed games that appeal to them when playing slots or Slingo at a site.

With all the different themes on offer in Slingo, there’s a good chance that most players can find something that interests them. This represents a good entry level offering for people who want to see what all the fuss is about in the bingo industry, and it could lead players to go on to try other games.

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