The Psychology Behind The Character: An Interview With The Oval & Stargirl’s Kron Moore

Kron Moore is more than actress, with a single stare she reaches into the soul of a character pulling from their raw emotion to deliver a memorable performance. From the moment she appeared onscreen as Lady Victoria on Tyler Perry’s The Oval audiences were unable to pull away. She commanded the attention in the room and was willing to literally fight for her respect.

Then there’s her role as Dr. Bridget Chapel in CW’s Stargirl. While just as successful as Lady Victoria there’s a softness and caring to Dr. Chapel Lady Victoria will never possess. Kron’s ability to make viewers of the popular superhero show as well as her onscreen daughter, Beth, feel safe is a reflection of the versatility Kron possesses as an actress.

Originally a child actor, Kron stepped away from acting due to her shy and introverted personality but life has a way of taking people on a journey that brings them back to their roots; and for Detroit-native, she couldn’t be happier.

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The Koalition spoke to Kron about balancing Lady Victoria and Dr. Chapel’s personalities, how her degree in psychology affords her to the ability to understand her characters and more.

As an actress in demand, Kron is currently filming The Oval and Stargirl simultaneously, a feat many others would find draining. However, for Kron, Dr. Chapel allows her to shed the personality and weight of Lady Victoria.

“It’s kind of therapeutic because I need to set aside Victoria, so coming over to Dr. Chapel on Stargirl is a nice breath of fresh air. It’s not difficult to go between the two because my personality is so different from both of them but it is refreshing to shed Victoria’s skin and come into something a little bit more normalized.”

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[My degree in psychology] has been helpful and it’s been great for me to gain some insight or lend some backstory to a lot of the characters for which I haven’t been given any backstory for and so it has been helpful, surprisingly enough.”

Created, produced, written and directed by Tyler Perry, The Oval is considered a guilty pleasure with over-the-top characters similar to Dynasty and Lady Victoria’s personality feels like a combination of Diahann Carroll, Dominique Devereaux and The Devil Wear Prada’s Meryl Streep. Then there are small moments tucked away where her vulnerability sneaks through, revealing layers that has to fight to break through.

“Lady Victoria has an unshakable strength [but] she’s lonely and she takes it out on everyone and that’s part of her issue, that’s part of where the viciousness comes in. You will she her shell cracked a little bit this season and I think that’s going to be a surprise for the audience but like I said she’s lonely. So that whole thing with Sam and Priscilla is that Victoria is jealous of their marriage. She wants what they have and so she’s going after Sam not just to pick at Priscilla but that’s just the perk of it. [As for the] other people she goes after, she’s petty more than evil, I think. She’s really petty but she will move you out of her way if you’re blocking anything she’s trying to get to on the other side.” At the end of the day, “Victoria is Victoria. You might see a slightly softer side of her, a more human side of her but she is very manipulative and power-hungry so she kind of is who she is.”

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Much like any other television actress who has stayed with a character over multiple seasons, Kron’s insight into Lady Victoria’s mindset and original misconceptions about her have changed over the years. While Lady Victoria has an hard shell, throughout the years Kron has learned “she is a little girl inside. She was never accepted by her mother, she was never accepted by any peers, she never really had any friends. I understand her, she’s lonely and she longs for human connection but she doesn’t know how to do it. She doesn’t have the skills of the emotional intelligence to tap into how to cultivate a relationship with anyone.”

Despite being vastly different from each other the characters, Kron is grateful for how both of the roles impacted her personal life, bringing healing and her reconciliation with her past. “With any character I have to find a personal connection to the character, so with Dr. Chapel I connect with her in the ways that I didn’t really have the type of relationship I would have liked to have had with my parents. They were always so busy and so I can relate to Beth and Dr. Chapel with regards to that relationship.”

“For Victoria I tell people all the time, that I have gotten so deep into the character that I have had to deal with some personal things myself. I find some likenesses I need to deal and unpack and deal with. So I’m grateful for that because sometimes you just need to deal with yourself.”

Stargirl's Anjelika Washington: Get Ready for Beth 2.0 When She Becomes Dr. Mid-NiteWhile Lady Victoria is dealing with destroying relationships, Dr. Chapel will be dealing with a shift in her relationship with her daughter in season two after reminding Beth she is not her friend but her mother and Beth should find friends her own age.

“There is a shift in their relationship and I think it’s going to be an unexpected turn for the audience. So you’ll see a lot more of Dr. Chapel in season two and hopefully more interaction from the Chapel family. It should be interesting for everyone to see.”

To learn more about Kron and more about Lady Victoria and Dr. Chapel, check out our full interview below.

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