What Makes The Masters Such a Great Event?

Even non-golf enthusiasts are likely to have heard of the Masters, but what exactly is so special? It certainly isn’t the only golfing tournament in existence and it isn’t even the only one that lots of people like – but it is the one that lots of people have heard of. 

Held at Augusta National, it is played at one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world. It is only in the last 10 years that women were allowed to become members and it has a whole host of famous members such as Bill Gates & Warren Buffett, although the exact member list remains top secret.

The tournament itself remains a very exclusive affair, with male players only and only 100 players asked to compete.

It’s An Event Like No Other

There are some amazing traditions that come hand in hand with the Master, which is something that not many people know but it definitely helps to keep the game interesting. For example, did you know that there are rules as to how much refreshments at the Masters can cost and rules that forbid anyone giving a tip for a service they have had carried out? There are also rules around the use of mobile phones for those watching the Masters and if you wish to make a call you’ll probably need to make use of the Payphones they provide there.

For those watching at home, the good news is that there are also rules around how many adverts can be shown during broadcasts. The emphasis is definitely on enjoying the game and making sure that the people who are there to watch it don’t miss anything.

You Can Place A Bet On The Outcome

For any sporting event to be popular it needs to be supported by the bookmakers. Once you open up the opportunity for anyone to place a bet on the outcome, it opens up interest in the game to a much wider audience. Sports fans like to feel involved and as such being able to place a bet on a game means that they feel part of the thrill that they get when actually watching the game live. 

Online betting websites allow you to place all sorts of bets on the Masters, which means that even those not traditionally into golf and with no intention of attending the game become interested in the outcome by taking advantage of the various betting promotions.

It’s Accessible

One thing the people behind the scenes at the Masters have done is make it accessible to everyone. They have invested in a top-notch website that allows people to track their favorite players, keep score of what’s going on and watch each golf game in high definition. This has opened up the event to everyone because you don’t have to be in attendance at the game to be able to feel involved.

With such an exclusive guest list, some quirky traditions, and the opportunity for anyone to place a bet on how the Masters will play out each year it’s no wonder it’s such a popular tournament.

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