3 Ways to Enjoy Even More of Bridgerton Now that Season 2 is Here

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It says something about the broad tastes of Netflix viewers that the two really massive hits of the last couple of years have featured a questionable game in South Korea and the more refined milieu of Regency England. What’s not so surprising is that both have been commissioned for second seasons and, in the case of Bridgerton, third and fourth ones too.

As they’re both big, complex productions, we might have expected to wait for quite some time to actually see them. While we’re still waiting to discover when Squid Game will reappear, the next chapter of the Bridgerton saga is already with us in the form of season two. And, for avid fans, there are several other ways to immerse themselves in the world of Bridgertons, the Featheringtons, and the rest of the series’ colorful characters.


As online bingo is so very popular these days, the leading sites are always on the lookout for games that will be a success with fans of TV shows. For example, right now you can play a game based on the hugely popular Deal or No Deal as well as a wide range of other more “traditional” types of bingo. So, given the huge fan base of the show, there may even be a chance that one or other of the leading sites might even consider including their own version of a Bridgerton-themed bingo game one day soon.

Until then, bingo could add to your viewing enjoyment in another way. Look around online and you’ll soon be able to find fun Bridgerton bingo cards that you can print off.  To play, you simply cross off a square each time a character says a certain word or phrase or an event like a ball takes place. The winner is the person to complete the card first. The prize? That’s for you to decide.


Or perhaps anyone paying a visit to the UK would care to enjoy a genteel stroll through the streets of the historic city of Bath in the southwest of the country? Quite an industry of guided tours has sprung up. On these, you will be escorted around many of the city’s Regency crescents, considered to be amongst the finest in the country, as well as to various locations where the show is filmed. The tour guide will also share many snippets of gossip and insider news about the show and its cast.

You are even encouraged to don period dress for the occasion, which you can hire for the day, courtesy of one of the city’s leading theatrical costumiers. Perhaps it’s not an option for the wallflowers amongst us, but dandies and society ladies might wish to join in.

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Of course, you could simply immerse yourself in the books on which the whole series was based. Written by Julia Quinn, there are no less than nine volumes in the series, beginning with The Duke and I and concluding with The Bridgertons. Happy Ever After. And, if you’re still hungry for more after that, there are also two books containing extracts of Lady Whistledown’s gossip columns that add a little accompanying spice to the novels themselves.

So, there really has never been a better time to dive back into Bridgerton society. And it’s great to know that the books are here already to provide plenty more source material for seasons in the future!

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