The Best Movies for Martial Arts Lovers

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Martial arts are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Such competitions inspire game creators, they are on the top 22Bet mobile betting app in Tanzania lists, and for a reason. Are you also into martial arts? Then watch these movies.


The breakthrough role of the young Jean-Claude Van Damme. The famous action movie about an underground kumite (Japanese martial arts) tournament where a rookie American challenged a brutal champion. It became a classic of the genre and brought Van Damme world fame.

As a child, Frank Dukes met Japanese immigrant Senzo Tanaka, who agreed to train him along with his son Shingo. Since Shingo’s death, Frank has been entrusted with the honor and responsibility of representing the Tanaka clan at major kumite competitions in Hong Kong. But the army commanders categorically refuse to let a valuable warrior go to the dangerous tournament outside the law. Frank defects, forcing two agents to chase him. During his Hong Kong adventures, he gains a best friend, an unexpected love, and a deadly foe. He faces an epic duel that will be remembered by all fans of Oriental martial arts.


American kickboxer Eric and his brother Kurt come to Thailand to fight local champion Tong Po. Tong defeats the fighter and permanently disables him. Kurt decides to avenge his brother.

Eric Sloan, the American world kickboxing champion, goes to Thailand to prove he’s the best. The guy takes his younger brother Kurt with him. Eric has to fight a local fighter, Tong Po, who is known for his incredible strength and ferocity. Before the fight, Kurt hears strange noises and sees Tong beating concrete walls and plaster falling from the ceiling. The hero realizes how dangerous his opponent is and tries to talk his brother out of it, but he won’t give in. As a result, in the ring, Tong Po brutally maims Eric and breaks his spine on purpose. He is paralyzed for life and has to use a wheelchair.

Kurt decides to take revenge on this beast for his brother. He goes to a famous Thai boxing teacher, Zian, to be better than Tong Po. Every day Kurt grows stronger and more confident. A decisive fight lies ahead. Will Kurt be able to collect all the anger and take down the legendary champion?

The Karate Kid

Twelve-year-old Dre moves from the United States to China and goes to a new school, where he is bullied and harassed. To fight back the bullies, the boy decides to learn martial arts. Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s son Jayden in the remake of the famous 1984 sports drama.

A dark-skinned kid named Dre loses his father and his family moves from Detroit to Beijing. The move is difficult for the teenager: Dre encounters a totally unfamiliar culture, traditions and language. He feels mentally exhausted because it is hard for him to adapt to the new life, but fate only adds new trials in the form of a gang of local hooligans, students of the district kung fu school. The young immigrant is constantly bullied, humiliated and beaten, which doesn’t contribute to his rapid social acclimatization. Everything changes when Dre is interceded for by an unsightly plumber named Han, who turns out to be an unrecognized kung fu master. Obsessed with the desire to punish the abusers, the boy becomes his apprentice and begins to master the ancient martial art.

Birth of the Dragon

Despite his short life, Bruce Lee managed to achieve a lot. His strength and speed of impact, his findings in the field of martial arts have turned him into a legend and an idol of generations. It’s no wonder that filmmakers again and again turn to the actor’s biography: to date, over 30 documentaries and feature movies have been made about him. 

The movie is about the life of Bruce Lee before his worldwide fame. In 1964, Bruce Lee moved to the States and even tried his hand at movies, but in the cult action movie “The Dragon’s Way Out” he would shoot only 9 years later and was only at the beginning of his road to success. But in America, he already had his own martial arts school where he teaches kung fu to all comers. His students learn that from Shaolin comes to America the great master Wong Jack Man – the only one who can compete with their teacher. And while the students are thrilled by this news, Bruce himself is convinced that Won Jack Man came to his town for a reason. Once upon a time, after learning that Bruce’s grandmother was white, Shaolin masters were told to stop teaching him kung fu. So, too, Wong Jack Man is unlikely to forgive Bruce for revealing the secrets of kung fu to Americans. Master Wong Jack Man was a real historical figure and played a big role in Bruce Lee’s fate, inspiring him to create his own martial arts style. 

The actor actually had his kung fu school in the United States, and a great many people in Chinatown didn’t like it being attended by whites. The actor paid no attention to all the warnings and soon received an invitation to a duel from Wong Jack Man with a condition: if Bruce lost the fight, he would close the school or stop teaching white people.

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