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Cassette Beasts PC Review – A Trip Down Memory Lane

You’ll find yourself waking up on the mysterious island of New Wirral. Not really knowing what is going on, you’ll stumble, you’ll go up the beach and meet a girl named Kayleigh. The people of this world aren’t exactly normal as they can turn into creatures by using old cassette tapes.

This game reminded me of a lot of Pokemon with the exception of you always fighting with a partner. One of the things that I absolutely loved about this was their capture system for new creatures. When you press record on your tape recorder to catch a new monster, it actually tells you what your chances are of capturing that monster.

The game also takes me back to my middle school days with my notebook detailing the different types of creatures and what’s strong against each elemental type. Building relationships with other characters throughout the game to start fusing with them and creating even stronger creatures was pretty awesome.

The first moment you do that to fight against a big baddie is epic. You’re not locked into one specific partner. You
can swap them out as well to create stronger fusions. You can choose to be “just friends” with the partner or you can push further into a romantic situation.

I really enjoyed this game and there’s so much more to explore and discover. With over 100 different types of monsters in this game, you definitely need to sit down and look at the typing of each and determine which monster is the best to fight against the enemy in front of you.

For the collectors, there are creatures called “Bootlegs” which are rare versions of the monsters in the game. They could be different colors and even different elemental types.

The ambiance of this game is very relaxing, and the soundtrack is very peaceful to sit and listen to. The vibrant colors of the world and the campfire save points make this world feel like home. The voice acting for this game is surprisingly very good, however, I do recommend that before you get too far into this game, you turn the sound down a little bit.

Being able to customize your character is such a fresh breath of air. I loved being able to see my little character model roam through the world. The character models for the creatures in the game are absolutely adorable,
and I love the detailed descriptions of the creatures. The creativity of the characters was very refreshing to see (Shout out to the creature that is a traffic cone crab).

One of my very few complaints about this game is needing a resource to rest at a campsite.This complaint is very minor considering by the time I reached the first bonfire, I had 106 pieces of wood. The resources in this game are very widely available. The other complaint I had with this game is the dash mechanic, it feels pretty weird and at least for me, it kept activating at weird times.

Overall, I would highly recommend this game to Pokemon fans and to people who just want a trip down memory lane with a twist.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This review was written based on a digital review copy of Cassette Beasts for the PC provided by Raw Fury.

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