These 3 Internet Games Are the Best of 2023 So Far

We are now all digital, and one of the results of this technological advancement has been the incredible growth and interest in the online gaming sector. It is a pastime or hobby that has exploded in the last few years. These are the top games of 2023 so far.

  1. PUBG (players unknown battleground)

With over 400 million downloads, this interactive game involves the most team players found online. With a 100 per team, PUBG has been the most popular online game of the year so far. All the players are parachuted onto an island, and then the two teams are expected to find gear and guns to survive, and the last person left alive is the winner. Yes, it’s a shooter game, and the idea is to kill or be killed, but it is also primarily about the player’s survival and the ability to camp, find the right equipment and stay alive as long as possible. One of the first decisions you have to make as a player is where to be dropped, and then you need to gather the equipment you would need to both camp and hide out and protect yourself/kill the other team members you encounter. No wonder it’s one of the top games of the year.

  1. Minecraft

Simply based on its player count of over 140 million active monthly players who are involved, Minecraft is a massive game. It was invented as far back as 2011 and is one of the most played and downloaded online games of our time and for this year. Minecraft has some of the most unique blocky graphics, a strong following, and a good number of new players regularly. It is a game based online and can be played in both creative and attack modes. Again, the theme is survival, but unlike the trending shooter games, Minecraft is more about the player’s creativity and an endless possibility of places to go and things to build. The main reason for such popularity is arguably the fact that it can be played on all platforms, ranging from PC, and console to mobile devices, and the goals or aim of the game are simple to understand and follow.

  1. Online slots

This is one of the fastest-growing and developing online gaming sectors that there is. A place such as provides a prime example of why this is the case. The online slot games on this platform and many others have developed remarkably, with a wide range of both games and genres of online slots being developed all the time, some even follow the computer game theme and let you play with your favorite characters in other ways. From classic, old-fashioned reel slots with a vintage feel (fruit on reels) to the more modern video slots (linked to popular culture) with a wide range of tournaments and heightened levels of interaction, online slot games have become one of the best ways to spend your time gaming online. Jackpot City is a mobile and online casino that provides a safe and secure means of playing these slots for real money with simple ways to deposit and withdraw any winnings using debit or credit cards or an e-wallet. With popular games such as 3 Lucky Rainbows and 9 Pots of Gold,  there is a certain element of Vegas and a level of excitement and interaction that a real, land-based casino can provide from the comfort of wherever you want to play.

These are the games that have taken 2023 by storm and will, by all accounts, end the year as the top-played games of the moment. They are all easy to get involved in and quite simple to play and understand. Enjoy them.