Discovery Channel’s Big Little Brawlers Shines Light on The Micro Wrestling Federation

Between Netflix’s The Wrestler, Apple TV’s Monster Factory, TNT’s AEW: All Access and A24’s The Iron Claw, the life of professional wrestlers are in high demand. Seeing its popularity rise, the Discovery Channel has ordered the series Big Little Brawlers, which follows a group of little people wrestlers in Tennessee.

The six-episode series debuts Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 10 p.m. and focuses on the Micro Wrestling Federation, described as “one of the most successful little person wrestling leagues in the world.”

As seen in the trailer above, set in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., the series revolves around “Pinky Shortcake” and “Syko,” who are both parents and wrestling partners. “Ivar the Micro,” the announcer/hype man who hopes to become a wrestler himself joins the cast as “Lil’ Show” is the veteran wrestler still aiming to support his wife and children. Lastly, “Hot Rod” is the up-and-coming wrestler looking to prove himself.

Despite internal dramas and frustrations, Micro Wresting Federation CEO Jack Darrell Hillegass encourages the group to work together as a family as they approach ‘MicroFest,’ the biggest micro wresting event of the year. As they attempt to achieve their piece of the American Dream, a group of remarkable little people athletes with larger-than-life personalities are forced to overcome ego, injury, and the limitations imposed by society.

“Alongside spectacular feats of athleticism, this Discovery series broadens the way we reveal compelling stories of remarkable people overcoming huge odds,” said Howard Lee, President of Discovery Networks and TLC about Big Little Brawlers.

Discovery’s sister network TLC is known for its little people shows, like Little People, Big World and 7 Little Johnstons, which launched in 2015.