NBC’s Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge Is a Work of Car Art

Are you a fan of cars? How about building cars? Customization? Details? Fun competition shows? All the creative imagination that goes into automobilia? Even if you just love watching cars from afar, NBC has a show for you. NBC’s Hot Wheels combines the love of cars with the fun (and sometimes) silliness that goes into car customization. Think Montser Garage meets Pimp My Ride but with fun games and prizes.

NBC’s Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge is a new and creative car-customizing show that promises entertaining and out-of-the-box themes mixed with real car-enthusiast.

Emotions are high as lead host Rutledge Wood (Top Gear US, Floor Is Lava, NBC NASCAR reporter) is joined by a panel of judges and celebrity guests as they watch contestants transform a car that’s important to them into a cartoony, full-size Hot Wheels car. At the of the season, the winning car will go into production as an official Hot Wheels die-cast.

Each episode features two teams, building on opposite sides of the Hot Wheels garage set as each contestants receive professional assistance from welders, fiberglass artists, and painters, as they attempt to make their designing dreams into reality. Like other competition shows, are a variety of twists, challenges and interruptions the teams have to incorporate into their designs before they are judged at the end of their episode.

Ford designer Dalal Elsheikh and Hoonigan drifter Hertrech “Hert” Eugene Jr as also part of the panel that will also feature guest stars include Jay Leno, and actor Terry Crews.

The beauty of this show is even if you don’t know anything about cars nor design, the talent and excitement from the contestants will keep you just as intrigued as the car enthusiast. Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge bring people into a hobby and this lifestyle shared by millions and that’s why this show is one to watch.

Shout out to NBC for providing The Koalition with our own Hot Wheels Track Builder set that features stunts through the flaming loop as we watch the show.

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge premieres Tuesday, May 30, at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC, and episodes will be available to stream the following day on Peacock.

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