Why Street Fighter Is Still The King of Fighting Games

For fans of the fighting game genre, there have been an array of iconic releases over the years on a wide selection of favored gaming devices. Arguably the most famous one of them all, though, is Street Fighter, a game that provides a strong dose of fight-based entertainment for gaming communities.

Although other much-loved fighting games also appeal, such as Tekken and Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter has continually risen to the top of the rankings following numerous modern-day facelifts. For example, the game today looks completely different from the 1987 arcade game that many more senior gamers grew up with.

Street Fighter has been adapted for a variety of gamers, too. For instance, online casino gaming is surging in terms of popularity these days, with themed slot games appealing to millions. As such, respected provider, NetEnt, created two Street Fighter-themed slot games that can be sampled at legit online casinos. Supplementing the console games that people typically explore, the best product is probably Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot, the second installment of the game. These Street Fighter alternatives highlight the ongoing appeal of this iconic franchise.

Street Fighter 6 has gone down well so far 

Street Fighter’s popularity has been evidenced further following the successful release of the latest version of the game, Street Fighter 6. Available on console and PC, dedicated Street Fighter gamers have been waiting for this one for a good while now, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. While Street Fighter V was somewhat of an anticlimax for many gamers after failing to contain a list of standard features that gamers expected to be there, the latest installment of the game appears to have well and truly made up for it.

Street Fighter gamers could have been forgiven for writing off the franchise after Street Fighter V, but the Japanese media franchise is back with a bang. Not only are there plenty of things to do in this one, but the aforementioned missing standard features have been restored, the gameplay is hard to fault, and the design elements in the game have been absolutely nailed, with everything from the characters to the colorful backdrops providing one of the most pleasurable gaming experiences you can possibly have. Whether you’re keen to embark on a single-player adventure or you’re wanting to silence an insufferable friend in a versus match-up, Street Fighter 6 highlights, once again, why Street Fighter is still the king of fighting games.

The game’s community aspect 

Another notable reason why Street Fighter is at the top of many peoples’ fighting game rankings is due to the community of gamers behind it. The ability to enjoy cross-play resulted in a vibrant community of Street Fighter gamers being born, with players being able to connect with each other and watch replays of tournaments. Gamers are hosting their very own competitions, too. Additionally, there are forums dedicated to the game, fan sites, and a range of merchandise that people can purchase to showcase their love of the game.

Overall, while other games have attempted to knock Street Fighter off the top of the rankings, Capcom’s iconic release will always be the best fighting game around, especially given the millions of people that hold the game so close to their hearts.