Knights of the Turntable #25: Does a Conscious Topic Equate to Better Music?

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Welcome to another Knights of the Turntable. One of our main discussions this week was a response to the question, “Does a conscious topic equate to better music?” Some people only want to hear music that has a thoughtful message behind it, but when it comes to rap music, is that always a requirement for good music? We had a big cast this week, so there were lots of interesting thoughts on this topic. Let us know your answer to this question in the comments.

With J. Cole and Kendrick at the top of the game, Peter Rosenberg expresses that he doesn’t think there’s been a time where a couple of the top 3-4 artists are “that lyrical and that committed to Hip Hop”. How true is this statement? We each give our thoughts on it, as well as debating who the top for would be right now.

Also discussed:
– Lupe starts the Society of Spoken Art. What will the results of this venture be? Which artists would we like to see taken in by the society?
Killer Mike reacts to the Kendrick Lamar line on “Hood Politics”, we share our thoughts.
– Create your dream concert [Opener / Special Guests / Headliner]

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