Nerdnauts Ep.7 – E3 2015 Predictions Podcast

Possibly unlikely ---yet somewhat likely, predictions!

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Welcome to Nerdnauts. On this podcast we dive deep into topics of video games, anime, film, comic books, tabletop and other nerdy nuggets of deliciousness!

Game Log:
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Final Fantasy X/X-2


Slimmer models of either Xbox One or PlayStation 4 announced

Fallout 4
Doom with release date
Elder Scrolls VI (possibly)
Dishonored 2

Gears of War 4
Left 4 Dead 3
Rare announces Perfect Dark Zero or Conkers Bad Fur Day

Visceral Star Wars game teased
Battlefield 5
Mass Effect 4 or HD trilogy remake

Beyond Good and Evil 2
New Prince of Persia teaser

God of War 4
Project Morpheus
Last of Us 2
Last Guardian
Uncharted HD collection

New trailer for Zelda Wii U
Animal Crossing Wii U
Open-world Metroid game
Super Mario Galaxy 3

Square Enix:
More Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae coverage
Final Fantasy VII HD remake teased
Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer
Sleeping Dogs 2

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