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SPOILER ALERT: We will be talking about the latest episode of Power in depth, so beware of spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet.

Power returned tonight with a strong season premiere. The show picked up right where season 2 left off, with Jamie and Angela openly coming out as a couple. They appear at club Truth together and Angela is happy to see her man in his element, removed from all criminal activity. Jamie seems determined to keep up his new legit lifestyle, even going as far as to tell Andre to stop using nicknames when addressing each other.

We then see Tommy conflicted. On one hand he’s loving his life with Hollie, but on the other hand he’s struggling to run the drug trade without Ghost. The gangs are in desperate need of a re-up, and Tommy is still faced with the dilemma of having to assassinate his former best friend.

We then see Jamie grooming Andre, he wants Andre to shadow Kantos and learn from him. This is important due to a scene we see later in the episode when Jamie publicly fires Kantos. But before this happens we see Greg – who is still out to expose Jamie and Angela – enter club truth to question Kantos.

Jamie and Angela at club Truth, from Power 301

When Angela goes into work she learns that Lobos is still alive, and her bosses want to continue the case against him. Angela is obviously worried that Lobos may come after Jamie, who attempted to have Lobos killed at the end of the previous season. We later see Angela’s crooked boss (Mike Sandova) meeting with Lobos and telling him that he has everything under control.

Angela gets to meet with Lobos herself, and he alludes to the fact that he believes his killer was sent from a rival gang. This gives Anegla the confidence that he won’t be out to retaliate against Jamie.

Jamie visits Tasha to try and persuade her to let Angela meet their children. Tasha however, confronts Jamie about Shawn. Jamie confesses that Kanan is the one that killed Shawn, and that Jamie himself killed Kanan after. We later see Tasha ask Tommy to confirm this story as she has doubts.

Later, Lobos calls Tommy and assures him that a new shipment is on the way, but he warns Tommy not to forget his task of killing Ghost (Jamie). He also instructs Tommy to make everyone believe that he is dead. Tommy is then seen torturing rival gangs with Julio, and he finally lets Julio know that Ghost is out of the drug business. Julio, who still holds loyalty to Jamie, goes to club Truth to ask Jamie about this in person. During their conversation, Julio lets slip that he’s about to pick up the drug shipment, which happens to be exactly the same spot where they always picked up Lobos product. Jamie puts two and two together and realizes that Lobos is really still out there. He tells Andre to make sure he’s carrying a firearm as a result.

We see Tommy enter his home and call out to Hollie with no response. He sees a blood trail that leads him to his dog lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen. Clearly someone is sending a message to Tommy, making it clear that he still has a job to do.

Tasha confronts Tommy about Ghost

The episode rounds off with Angela confronting Jamie about his conversation with Julio, a man that she knows is gang affiliated. She desperately wants her man to remain clean, and Jamie sets her at ease by confessing that Julio only wanted to know why Jamie left the drug trade. Angela tells Jamie that she met with Lobos and that he may not be after him. Clearly Jamie thinks otherwise, because the show ends with him calling Tommy.

What will happen next in Power season 3?

Richard Bailey Jr. and I recorded an audio podcast discussing what we thought of this episode and what we think will happen throughout the series. We urge you all to take a listen inside this post. However, if it’s not convenient to listen then here’s a summary of our thoughts.

Gary’s thoughts

Jamie calling Tommy shows that he knows the streets may catch up to him, even if he tries to run from it. He must be calling Tommy because he suspects that Lobos may try to retaliate on them. However, Tommy is now under heavy pressure to kill Jamie.

I think we’ll see Tommy entertain Jamie’s call and then attempt to set him up for a kill. I don’t think Tommy has it in him to go through with murdering is former best friend however, and I think eventually they may unite to tackle a common enemy… Kanan. Kanan is not dead, and when he returns he’ll be on a rampage against everybody. He’ll be a threat to both Jamie’s and Tommy’s business. So it would make sense that they may unite as friends to get rid of Kanan, but as a result, both of them will find themselves on Lobos’ hit list.

We also saw Jamie commit to being 100% honest with Angela. But if he does venture into street politics once more, we’ll see him be forced to lie to her and lose her trust. I expect to see a lot of hardships in this relationship moving forward.

Jamie tells Tasha he killed Kanan

Richard’s thoughts

“Call Me James” was without a doubt the perfect way to open this season as it clearly lays out all of the chess pieces in a deadly game of cat and mouse that will only get more dangerous and complex over the next several weeks. While Jamie has the desire to escape the drug trade for good, things will never truly be resolved until Lobos is out of the picture. The very end of this episode resulted in Jamie calling himself Ghost while leaving a message for Tommy. This will certainly have ramifications as the season goes on and could spell trouble for his relationship with Angela if he chooses to lie again.

Speaking of Tommy, Joseph Sikora’s performance over the last two seasons have been nothing short of remarkable. He has successfully developed Tommy into a conflicted character that you want to root for but not at the expense of killing Jaime. Now that Lobos has given him an ultimatum for doing business, it will be interesting to see how Tommy deals with the situation. Just as I mentioned on the podcast, it definitely seems like a major character will die this season to properly move the storyline forward. Hopefully Tommy isn’t that person as I’m having way too much fun seeing this character evolve over time.

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