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Power season 3 episode 4 “Don’t Worry Baby” was an excellent episode, with some major plot points that pushed the story forward.

It opened with Jamie and Tasha on the phone to each other, both half naked. They’re discussing Tariq’s punishment and scheduled therapy sessions over the phone as Angela listen in from the other room.

We then see Tommy and Holly sharing an intimate moment together. After, Holly brings up Tommy’s mission to kill Jamie. She suggests that he hires someone to do it and asks who they would usually got to for such a thing. Tommy reveals that they usually go to the Jamaicans to put out a hit. After the two are talking, we see Holly call in to a clinic regarding her pregnancy.


Kanan and his friend Jukebox are plotting a heist with some friends. After the meeting Jukebox questions Kanan’s ability to be involved as he’s still recovering from his injuries. Jukebox’s girlfriend then puts Kanan’s physical health to the test.

Angela pulls a surprise visit on Tasha to let her know that she had Tariq’s record scrubbed. Tasha questions her motives for helping, stating that she only did it for Jamie, and that she’ll have to continue doing for Jamie for the rest of her life.

We get a scene where the rouge Koeran who was side selling the drugs is apologizing to Tommy, the two shake hands but the Korean gives Tommy a stare full of hatred.

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Kanan and the squad pull of the jewelry heist successfully, with Kanan shooting Jukebox’s apprentice at point-blank range in the process. Jukebox, who is in her police car, helps the squad get away safely.

Jamie and Andre meet with Karen Basset to discuss club Truth. As Andre flirts with her, she suggest that Jamie needs to boost his profile by getting active on social media as this will make the club more of an appealing place to visit.

Greg manages to track down Ruiz, and he uses the lie that Lobos is coming after his family to persuade him to testify. A few scenes later we see Angela arrive at work to find that Greg has been brought back onto the task force as a result of getting Ruiz to testify.

Tasha figures out that Holly is pregnant after seeing her refuse to drink her wine. The two have a heart to heart discussion as Tommy speaks to Tariq. Later, we see Andre talking to his old friend from the neighborhood. He asks again if Andre wants to make a move on the club but Andre shoots the idea down once more. His friend then tells him that the Koreans just bought some guns and are planning on murdering Tommy outside the church that same night.

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Andre calls Jamie immediately to let him know. Jamie is at the club mingling with his guests, but he can’t let Tommy die, not after all they’ve been through. We see Tommy enter the church and confess to the Father about the task that he can’t bring himself to fulfill. As Tommy leaves a car pulls up and he’s shot in the arm. Tommy gets cover behind a vehicle as the Koreans continue to engage fire. Then, from across the street Jamie shoots at the car, killing at least two of the Koreans before the car drives off. Tommy doesn’t sees Jamie before he leaves.

Kanan is celebrating with Jukebox in the strip club later. She asks him what’s next, and he mentions finally getting even with Ghost by killing him. Jukebox suggests that Ghost may be of more used to Kanan alive, at least until he can make him suffer and hit him where it hurts.

As Jamie returns home, he finds Angela on the couch lost in thought. After some small talk she asks if Jamie thinks the relationship can really work. Jamie tries to reassure her.

When Tommy arrives home, Holly is horrified to see all the blood on his arm. She asks what happens and then they both try to put two and two together, coming to the conclusion that the hit must have come from Lobos. Holly storms out mentioning that she needs to get him some bandages for the wound. The show closes with Holly entering a Jamaican restaurant and handing over an envelope full of money and naming Jamie St. Patrick as her target.

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