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Coming off of an exciting episode last week, Courtney Kemp has somehow managed to outdo herself on episode 5 “Help Me”. Last week it was revealed that Power was the top viewed program on premium cable since the season 3 premiere on July 17th. With this episode, I’m sure they’ll keep that momentum going.

So what actually happened?

The show kicked off with Tommy scratching his window surface with the nose of his gun. After being shot at last week he was paranoid. Holly comes in and reminds him of their outstanding problem with Tommy still not being able to kill Jamie yet.

We then see Jamie making love with Angela, who clearly has a lot on her mind. She’s then summoned into work by a text message notifying her of a strategy meeting. We then see an angry Lobos yelling at Mike Sandoval after learning that Ruiz has returned to testify against him. Jamie then calls his lawyer Joe Proctor to ask about a separation from Tasha, because this is something that will keep Angela happy. When Angela attends the strategy meeting with the taskforce, she’s disturbed to see Greg persuading the team to push for Ruiz to give up both Lobos and his distributor.

Tommy’s mother comes to visit because she needs money for her rent; and immediately there’s tension between them. Later on she reminds Tommy about the times when Jamie looked out for him. Shortly after Tommy is visited by Julio who notifies him that one of the Koreans was shot outside of a church, the same night that Tommy himself was shot at. Tommy eventually drives his mom home.

Mike Sandoval

For punishment of his previous actions, Jamie forces Tariq to spend the day working at the club with him. During this time he gets introduced to Dre, as well as confronting his dad about leaving the family with little to no communication.

While Proctor is at the federal building the security starts to clear everyone out due to a high profile witness coming in. From the elevator, he’s able to see that the high profile witness is in face Ruiz. Proctor visits Jamie and lets him know this immediately.

After the initial meeting between the taskforce and Ruiz, Greg visits Ruiz individually to manipulate him into testifying against Ghost. Once this looks like it may actually happen, Angela goes to visit Jamie herself to let him know that the time has come for him to get a lawyer. Jamie then calls her out for not telling him Ruiz is back and Angela is shocked that Jamie knows. As Jamie reaches a hand out to her, she walks off abruptly.

Later, Dre returns home to see his daughter being held by Kanan. He pleads with Kanan to put her down, even going as far as to help him take out Ghost. As Kanan leaves he tells Dre that he’ll be in touch with further instructions.

Ruiz, will he testify?

Angela then has her turn talking with Ruiz. She brings out the Spanish to try and advise Ruiz against giving up Ghost completely. Then, in the interview Ruiz tells the taskforce on record that he doesn’t know who Ghost is.

While Jamie is driving Tariq to a ball game he feels some impact at the back of his car. When he gets out to investigate he finds him facing four Jamaican hit-men with guns pointed at him. At the same time Tommy returns home with the realization that it wasn’t Lobos that tried to have him killed. He figures out that it must have been the Koreans and that Jamie probably saved him. He mentions that he needs to go talk to Jamie but Holly grabs him and tells him that she doesn’t want him to get hurt. Tommy asks her to elaborate, and she confesses that she put a hit on Jamie. Tommy is outraged and the two end up fighting.

When the scene returns to Jamie he’s looking back at Tariq in the vehicle. He close his eyes ready to die, but then his bodyguard shows up with a squad that guns down the hit-men. Jamie is safe. He returns to his vehicle and drives Tariq home.

The scene goes back to Tommy and Holly who are still getting very physical. Holly shouts at Tommy and hurls abuse at him, this eventually makes Tommy snap and strangle Holly. Holly then dies.

Greg from Power

Angela returns home to Jamie who’s sat in silence. She reassures him that he’s safe now due to Ruiz not giving him up and Lobos now deciding to testify against the rival cartel. Jamie then shows her the separation documents that he got from Procter and this makes her happy. The two appear in good spirits again. Later as Angela is asleep, Jamie gets out of bed and goes to finally visit Tommy.

When Tommy breaks into Tommy’s apartment he sees what has occurred. Tommy asks Jamie to help him. We see the two men sat in the car in the scrap yard later on, after getting rid of the body. Jamie reveals that it was indeed him who saved Tommy during the shootout, and Tommy confesses that Holly called the hit on him because Lobos wanted Tommy to kill him. The two men then vow to take out Lobos together.

This was an exciting episode, so be sure to listen to our thoughts by listening to our Powercast discussion. We’re also interested in hearing your views on the show, so be sure to leave your comments.

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