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After a hectic episode last week, Power returns with an even more eventful episode for season 3 episode 6 “The Right Decision”. It’s hard to predict what will happen in this show as every week the story line takes us in new directions, but we do our best to discuss what these new developments might mean in our Powercast episode. You can check out our thoughts by clicking the YouTube video up top or listening to the audio player below.

Power Season 3 Episode 6 “The Right Decision” Recap

The show started Jamie waking up Tommy who is sleeping in his vehicle to avoid any memory of Holly’s death in his apartment. The two men then proceed inside Tommy’s apartment to discuss their plans. Their plan to take out Lobos involves Tommy following up on a request from Hugo to assist in Lobos rescue from his police escort. Jamie then plans to snatch Lobos once Tommy makes the rescue, but Jamie needs an Alibi for his whereabouts.

Jamie comes up with a plan to make out like he’s staying at Karen Basset’s hotel for work related research. Tasha then shows up to Tommy’s place as they’re planning and Tommy suggests using Tasha for help.

Meanwhile the taskforce is planning Lobos escort to D.C and Sandoval is discreetly texting Hugo and his team. Greg will be part of the escort and he’s seen discussing this with Sandoval. As Greg leaves, Angela walks in. She discusses the Lobo case finally being over after the escort with Sandoval and she seems somewhat relieved.

Ghost, Tasha, Tommy in Power

We then see Jamie at his club thanking his bodyguard for his assistance in his attempted murder; but he also warns him not to follow him anymore. Then Karen Basset shows up and Jamie lets her know that he intends to come and stay at her hotel to understand more about the premises.

Later, Jamie and Tommy are at Tasha’s place finalizing the plans. Jamie and Tommy come up with the strict rule of having no phones while on their mission as that may give up their location. Then Tommy steps away to the window to reflect, meanwhile Tasha asks Jamie about Holly. She asks if they’ve split up and then let’s slip that Holly was pregnant. Jamie is shocked but doesn’t say anything. He then heads home to Angela to let her know he’ll be away the following day.

The next day Jamie shows up to the Hotel with Tasha, presenting her as his wife. They’re then introduced and shown to their room. During this time we see Tommy planning Lobos rescue with Hugo and some of his crew.

We then see Lobos entering his escort vehicle with Greg and a special forces team. The transport begins and Angela and her colleagues are listening in over the radio as the escort is in progress. Lobos’ rescue team places a stinger in the road to puncture the escort vehicles tyers and as soon as the vehicles slow to a stop they move in guns blazing. The rescue team guns down all of the special forces, even shooting down Greg as the Taskforce listens in. The team successfully grab Lobos and get away with Tommy at the wheel.

Tommy then drives into a tunnel, making one of Lobo’s rescuers suspicious. Then Ghost steps out from the shadows and shoots the rescuer square in the head. Tommy turns his gun on Lobos as Ghost reveals himself.

During this time Angela sneaks off to text Jamie and find out where he is. Tasha has Ghost’s phone and replies on his behalf from the Hotel. After texting Angela, Tasha finds the separation documents that Jamie got from his lawyer. Shortly after Greg returns to the taskforce and receives medical attention. He was wearing a vest so his injuries are minimal, but as he’s getting checked he complains that they have a double agent in the team working for Lobos. Sandoval is trying to downplay the accusations, but Greg suspects Angela.

Angela and the taskforce watch Lobos' escort

As Tommy and Jamie lead Lobos to his grave, Lobos is getting inside their heads. When they finally make it to the grave Lobos phone rings and Jamie and Tommy panic after destroying the phone. A phone ring means that the call can be traced to the location. Tommy and Jamie argue about whether to abort and Lobos takes the opportunity to run. Later after Jamie and Tommy have split up to seek out Lobos; he ambushes Jamie from behind and tries to choke him. Jamie manages to fight his way out and pink down Lobos. As Tommy finds them, Jamie makes the decision to kill Lobos and pulls the trigger twice. They leave the body in the woods.

When Jamie gets back to the Hotel he ends up arguing with Tasha over the separation documents. Tasha pushes his buttons about Angela finding out about Lobos, but Jamie lets her know that the only way Angela will find out is if she tells her, but she won’t because that makes her an accomplice. Meanwhile, Tommy visits Holly’s grave site to return his mothers ring to her.

Once Jamie makes it back to his club office he attempts to fire his bodyguard so that he can’t figure out anything, but the bodyguard and his other security henchman corner Jamie and take his gun from him. The bodyguard then reveals himself as the Serb drug lord Milan. Milan was the boss of Vlad, the Serb dealer that Jamie took out at the end of last season. Milan has been working as Jamie’s bodyguard this whole time to learn everything about his life so that he can threaten Jamie into selling his drugs to make back the money he owes him. If Jamie doesn’t comply, Milan will harm his family and Angela. Once Milan makes his proposition he hands Ghost his gun and leaves.

Jamie then confides in Tommy about the whole thing. Tommy reminds Ghost that Angela is now at risk. He suggests that Tasha knows enough to be ready, but Ghost can’t even tell Angela that Milan may be after her without implicating himself. Tommy suggests that Jamie gets rid of Angela immediately.

When Jamie finally returns home to Angela he makes the tough decision to break up with her. He uses the fact that his son Tariq ran away as a basis for leaving her, suggesting that what they have is simply a fantasy and that he has to be with his family. Jamie leaves and listens to Angela’s cries from the other side of the door. He composes himself and then walks away.

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