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This week’s episode of Power has shown us the true depth of this TV show, with multiple plot points once again playing out throughout the episode. There’s lots to discuss this week, so check out the video (above) or the audio (below) to hear what we think. We’d also love to see some of your comments on this episode.

What happened on Power S04 E07?

  • Jamie fills Tommy in on what happened at the stash house and with Kanan. Tommy asks Tariq if Dre knew about Kanan being back but Tariq covers for Dre
  • Jamie argues with Tasha about her letting Tariq hang out with Kanan. Stern shows up at their apartment and tries to persuade them to do a television interview to help them in their real estate ventures.
  • Tommy meets with Dre and asks about Kanan. Dre denies knowing about Kanan and then tells Tommy that he’s worried about Julio. They go to the warehouse where Dre was supposed to meet Julio and find his body. Tommy notices that it’s a Toro Locos hit because of the cut out tattoo. Dre immediately asks to be made distributor and Tommy agrees.
  • Angela asks Donovan to look up who was on duty when they raided club Truth so they can figure out who planted the evidence.
  • Tommy threatens the Toro Locos soldier who killed Julio. He forces him to set up a meeting between him and the Locos leader.
  • John asks Sax why he met with Greg’s friend Bailey. He mentions that he called him to ask but hasn’t heard back from him yet.
  • Jamie and family conduct an interview. The Interviewer asks why Tasha isn’t wearing her wedding ring. Tasha looks at Terry and tells the interviewer that she sold the ring to cover the legal fees for Jamie’s case.
  • Tommy meets Diego and tells him and his sister that they owe him for Julio’s death. He asks for some of their territory and for access to their borders in California.
  • Stern introduces Jamie to a councilman during a mixer at Truth. Later, Jamie speaks to another council man called Tate but Stern warns Jamie against working with him.
  • Sandoval shows up at Donovan’s apartment building with a weapon to kill him. Donovan’s daughter answers the door and tells Sandoval that her dad isn’t home. Sandoval leaves.
  • Angela and Donovan discover Sandoval going upstairs on the Truth footage, the night the gun was found. Sax shows up and they show him the footage too.
  • Tasha shows up at Terry’s place and they sleep together.
  • Jamie gives Tommy the phone to call Taresi
  • John shows up outside of Proctor’s apartment building and tells him that his number was the last one called by Bailey before he went missing, and that the last ping on Bailey’s cellphone came from that same spot outside of Proctor’s building. Proctor denies knowing anything and walks away.
  • Tommy calls Taresi and he tells him that he’s his father.

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