The Co-op Podcast #121: Fallout 4, Finally!

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Welcome to the Co-op Podcast episode #121. This week we have another one of our founding members joining one, none other than Mr. Edward V. Also we have Austin B Conway returning, a well spoken fella we met at E3 last year. E3 is now officially a week away, and every day we’re hearing new announcements. One of these announcements was of course Fallout 4, and this game is the exact reason that Edward V wanted to come on the show. Listen to our thoughts on the game and then leave your comments below.

Another announcement was made last week, after a leak hit PSN. The Nathan Drake Collection is an actual thing, and it will be a remastered collection of the three main Uncharted games for the PlayStation 4. It was also revealed that this collection wouldn’t include the multiplayer portions of Uncharted 2 and 3. What are our thoughts on this? Find out on the show.

Other topics discussed:
– Steam now offers refunds
– The Coalition games? / Our expectations for the new Gears of War

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