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The Co-op Podcast 156: Can PS4.5 Compete with PCs?

Welcome to another episode of The Co-op Podcast. This week Throwdown’s own Brian Munjoma joins us, along with Nigel Twumasi from mayamada. This week our main topic is the possibilities of the PS4.5 and whether it can compete with benefits of PC gaming. There’s been much talk about modular and upgradable gaming consoles in the past few weeks, so listen as we discuss the logistics of making this a feasible thing. Let us know your thoughts on this important topic.

Since we had Nigel joining us, we also asked him a few questions about his (free to attend) GamePad! event in west London this Satuday. If you’re in the area be sure to check it out.

Also discussed on this episode:
– Nintendo’s Miitomo is the #1 app in Japan. Coming to other regions fairly soon. Will Nintendo dominate the mobile?
Uncharted 4 has officially gone gold yet it still will take 2 months to release. How do we feel about this?
– Cross-network play: Will it happen?
– PlayStation VR will cost $400, the PlayStation camera is a requirement. Bundles will be available.

Special Thanks: Gority, M. Collins

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