The Co-op Podcast #159: The Pros and Cons of PlayStation 4 Neo

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We’re back with another discussion heavy episode of The Co-op Podcast. With some of our guys out at PAX, Richard Bailey Jr. and I took to our microphones to chop it up about the PlayStation 4 NEO. We discuss the good and the bad, and what our own thoughts are on the new and improved system.

We also run though some of the most definitive games on the Xbox 360 system to celebrate the end of the consoles production. We even address some of the comments from my article.

Other topics discussed:
– FGC news: Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada says Tekken x Street Fighter development has been put on hold because they don’t want to split the communities.
Borderlands 3 development confirmed. Is anyone still looking forward to Battleborn?
Mirrors Edge 2 delayed. Will this affect your purchasing decision in any way, being that it’s so close to E3? (June 7th)

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Special Thanks: Gority, M. Collins

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