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The Co-op Podcast #180: Does Video Game Marketing Really Matter?

Welcome to The Co-op Podcast episode 180. This week our main discussion was suggested by one of our supporters Reggie (Weapon X), he wanted to pose the question “Does video game marketing really matter?”. The reason this question came about is because after Red Dead Redemption 2 was unveiled, it was later reported that the Sony PlayStation had the marketing deal with Rockstar for the game. How much of a factor are these marketing deals? We discuss it in our main topic.

Also discussed on this episode:
– Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2
– Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch
– Mark Cerny claims that the 4.2 teraflops in the PS4 could be expanded to 8.4

Special Thanks: M. Collins, Sean Gority, Michael Hatcher, Steven Fearon, Mauricio Aguilar, Himdeel, Alfonzo Ortiz

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