Throwdown Ep. 36 – “Where Have All the AAA Video Games Gone?”

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Welcome to another episode of Throwdown. On this podcast/vidcast we discuss the latest video game, pop culture, and tech news in an honest and uncompromising fashion.

Does it sometimes feel like you buy less AAA games than you used to? Is this an actual fact or does it just appear that way due to what others say? If wrote down all of the AAA titles you’ve bought in previous years and compare them to what you bought in the last couple of years, would the quantity be less or more? Do you actually buy less AAA games now than before?

Tonight’s main topic is about the lack (or perceived lack) of quality AAA games this generation. Though this generation is barely two years old, it appears to have less bigger releases than the previous generations did at this same time. If there is a lack of AAA games, what is causing it?

Also on this episode:


  • Capcom deciding to release more remastered games
  • Phil Spencer admitting that Xbox One doesn’t need the Kinect
  • Anita Sarkeesian attacking Metal Gear Solid and Hideo Kojima.
  • Need for Speed and HipHopGamer‘s video about Driveclub vs Project Cars.


  • The controversy surrounding Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones
  • The rumor of Matthew McConaughey playing Norman Osborn in the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

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