Throwdown Ep. 87 – Xbox Two: Electric Boogaloo

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Welcome to another episode of Throwdown. On this podcast/vidcast we discuss the latest video game news and topics in an uncompromising and honest manner. No developer, publisher, or fanboy is safe from us!

On this episode, we discuss whether or not the Xbox Scorpio is actually a next-gen console — an Xbox Two, if you will. Given how much more powerful this system this system is when compared to Xbox One — not to mention how Microsoft may want to move on from a disastrous generation — it isn’t unreasonable to assume this system could just be the next iteration of the Xbox.

Other topics we discuss:

– Nintendo may be working on VR
– Nvidia says it will take 20 years to fix VR
– The Division live-action movie is in the works
– Konami is turning Metal Gear Solid 3 into a pachinko machine
– The death of the Dreamcast 2 project
– Judd Apatow says Ghostbusters detractors and Trump supporters are the same


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