Throwdown Your Questions: Left-Over Questions Edition

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Since we got so many non-E3 related questions on the last episode, we decided to have a special edition of Throwdown Your Questions to cover all of these left-overs.

Here are all of the questions we answer on this episode:

  • If the TV show aspect of Quantum Break sucks, should that affect the game’s score/perception?
  • Should games be reviewed as a ‘whole package’ or separately?
  • Who are the best/worst fathers/father figures characters in video games?
  • Do you think by the end of this generation that Warner Bros will solidify itself as one of the top five third party publishers?
  • Have you ever given companies more money than you ever wanted to for something that is a rip off?
  • Would fighting games make it if they applied the “toys to life” model?
  • Do you think Uncharted 4 was delayed because it needed more time or do you think it was delayed to make room for the Uncharted Collection?
  • Do you think more people will give indie games the respect that they deserve now or do you think they will continue to say indies don’t count?
  • Is it a mistake to hold everything you have to release during the holidays?
  • If certain games aren’t 1080P/60FPS, what do you foresee occurring on these message boards?
  • If the MCC released without all the multi-player modes, similar to what the UCC is doing, do you think the game would’ve sold better?
  • Is 60 frames so important that features like local co-op and MP splitscreen should be dropped for it?
  • With the crammed holiday, any predictions on which titles will be getting delayed over until next year?
  • When fans say Microsoft will win holiday 2015, what do they mean: console sales, or total amount of game sales from first and third parties?
  • Did anyone on the Throwdown get a chance to play “Hatred”? What are your thoughts?
  • Whose exclusives will sell more this holiday season: Sony or Microsoft’s?
  • Hideo Kojima is offered these four jobs exclusively and you can only choose one: Sony (Metal Gear), Microsoft (Zone of the Enders), Nintendo (Silent Hill), PC (Policenauts)
  • Why are remasters so successful?
  • Does it feel dirty that Sony has turned backwards their compatibility failure into a business model now? Was this planned?
  • Will the RTS genre ever make its way (successfully) to consoles or will PC forever reign supreme?
  • Was Nintendo smart in shunning “Hardcore gamers” and focusing on their core audience?
  • Do people realize the Kinect vs Playstation Eye argument is damn near the most useless discussion in discussion world?
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