Flyhunter Origins Review – Bug Eggs Are a Good Thing!

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Flyhunter Origins follows the story of a small, cute little alien named Zak whose one dream in life is to become a Flyhunter. Although the job description may seem undesirable to Earth-folks such as ourselves, being a Flyhunter is a great honor since Earth bugs are relied on for fuel, energy and currency. While manning the Flyhunter ship, Zak accidentally  launches the cryo-sleeping Flyhunter crew along with numerous, large bugs onto Earth. Zak is tasked with not only bringing back the lost bugs, but finding the missing crew that was dumped from the ship as well.

Flyhunter Origins is a simple platforming game with a typical 3-button control layout; shoot, jump and melee attack. As the game progresses, Zak and his other Flyhunter friend acquire upgrades to their bug zapper, jetpack and other equipment. Using the jetpack to reach high platforms, Flyhunter Origins is fully equipped with different elevations and fun tunnels. Being able to zap and swat allows Zak to defeat a variety of bugs found in the world. Some bugs are more shielded than others, which may require multiple swats. Some bugs have spikes on their backs which prevent Zak from jumping on their backs and squishing them. Some insects will charge at you, forcing you to time your jumps, and some bugs are completely friendly, allowing Zak to hop on their back for a quick ferry ride across water puddles.


Visually Flyhunter Origins resembles something from the PlayStation 2, which is perfect if you’re playing on the PlayStation Vita or iOS. It’s not that the game looks flat or dated, but the country-tech style is so perfect for the PlayStation 2 era.  With its silly storyline and quirky cast of characters who are constantly getting into mischief, Flyhunter Origins feels very much like something from the olden’ days. Using sound effects such as cricket chirps and banjo melodies, the game’s soundtrack sounds close to games such as Psychonauts, Jak and Oddworld. And although the platforming style is a trend of new indie games, the sci-fi country theme is something very familiar in the genre of simple adventure titles.

That being said, Flyhunter Origins is a perfect game for children, if they like bugs of course. If your child is a fan of level jumping and item collecting, they will find all of that and more in this title. And although the game may be slightly inferior to platformers such as Guacamelee and many others, the game is still playable for adults and triumphs over many flat iOS games. So if you’re stuck on the train, or even on the toilet, don’t be afraid to give Flyhunter Origins a try.

This review of Flyhunter Origins is based on a review copy for the PlayStation Vita which was provided by Steel Wool Games.

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