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Funkmaster Flex Says He Can Ruin Jay-Z

Over 100 Bombs Dropped With No Casualties

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Funkmaster Flex is at it again, the DJ recently went on a bomb filled rant about Jay-Z and a few of his latest interactions with Hov’s camp.

In the video he speaks on how he believes that concepts were stolen from him via an interview he did for Jay-Z’s website and then implemented into the Magna Carta Holy Grail app that launched on June 24th of 2013. He also believes that recent attempts to interview him about the Dipset reunion are also desperate attempts to steal strategies to remain relevant.

Ultimately the video concludes with more ranting and with a threat to Jay-Z stating, “Don’t think I can’t ruin you.”

Does Jay-Z have anything to be worried about? Or is this rant unsubstantiated and falling on deaf ears? Let us know your take in the comments or let me know on twitter @MajorMason.

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