Geekly News Roundup – 02.07.15: “Without Fear”

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Welcome to another installment of Geekly News Roundup. Here, you’ll find all of the past week’s biggest and coolest geek culture news in one convenient place.

This week’s news stories include:

Daredevil Trailer

Netflix has released the first full trailer for Daredevil and it’s everything fans of that series have been hoping for. This show won’t shy away from being as violent as the books and this is demonstrated in the trailer. Several key characters show up and of course we see Daredevil beating the crap out of the bad guys.

Superman Gets a New Power

It’s been a long time since The Man of Steel has gotten a new permanent power hasn’t it? While Superman has gained all sorts of abilities over the years, few of the ones given to him after 1941 have stuck. This new power which is called Super Flare is his most destructive yet and one which has serious draw backs after being used.

No New A Song of Ice and Fire Novel in 2015

George R.R. Martin’s publisher has made it official that The Winds of Winter will NOT be released this year. Although this shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who know that Martin takes his time writing, it is still a bit disappointment.

Teen Titans TV Series Cast Revealed

Reports are circulating about the cast of the upcoming Teen Titans TV series. According to the report by The Nerdist, the roster will consist of Nightwing, Barbara Gordon, Hawk & Dove, Raven, and Starfire. This is still unconfirmed at this point.

Marvel Reveals All-Female Avengers Team

During the course of Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars event, the Avengers will be disbanded. To fill in the void, a new group consisting of all females will form. A-Force will have female Avengers from different universes team up and try to fight the oncoming doom of the Marvel Universe.

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