Hello Games Announced No Man’s Sky And It Looks Amazing

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Tonight at VGX, Hello Games (developers of Joe Danger) announced a new sci-fi exploration sim, and it looks truly incredible! Check out the video embedded above!

Polygon has a nice description of No Man’s Sky:

“No Man’s Sky was pitched as an exploration game where “every atom” is procedurally generated, from flora and fauna to the stars in the sky. Every planet and every galaxy is procedural, and filled with unexplored territories. The trailer shows that players will be able to explore underwater environments, the surfaces of planets, the skies and outer space in spaceships. On planets, if you can see it — whether it be a mountain miles away in the distance — you can walk there. “

Wowee, this sounds amazing! The part where the player seamlessly flies from the surface of a planet into space looked great! Apparently this game is being made by only 4 people, which makes the game seem even more impressive. Unfortunately there’s not much more information on the game available yet. Hopefully we hear some more info soon!

Let me know in the comments what you think of the trailer. I’m interested to hear what ya’ll thought of it!


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