Just Cause 3 First Impressions Video – Blowing Sh*t up… Just ‘Cause

Oh, what wonderful destruction we bring!

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Just Cause 3 is out in the wild! Being that this is a massive open-world game, our review won’t be posted for some time. We don’t want to leave you guys without knowing how the game is however, so we put together this video.

Here I play a bit of the early parts of the game. I show you some of the different things that can be done and just how much destruction can be brought down upon your foes. You also get to see the ridiculously long loading screens which have garnered some controversy lately.

Expect more Just Cause 3 coverage from us during the course of the month so stay tuned for that!

Just Cause 3 is currently available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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