DmC: Definitive Edition

New Video for DmC: Definitive Edition Gameplay at 1080p/60fps

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Capcom has released a video for the upcoming title DmC: Definitive Edition showing some sweet looking graphics and action pack gameplay at a beautiful 1080p/60fps!

The video also showcases some awesome combos against enemy figures and bosses with spectacular cinematics. Capcom recommends viewers watch the DmC: Definitive Edition video in Google Chrome with the quality set to 1080p60. Honestly, you didn’t have to tell me twice, in fact, they didn’t even need to mention it since its advertised accordingly. The gameplay for the DmC: Definitive Edition was provided by YouTuber Sam D, and Capcom wants everyone to look forward to more gameplay videos weekly leading up to the release on March 10th, 2015.

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